Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Welcome to the Starter Kit section of the 2024 Nor'easter sponsored by New England Volunteers!

The Starter Kit section of this year’s Nor’easter will be a low pressure fun event! No obligation to do anything, come watch or participate and enjoy!!

The following activities & events are scheduled for the 2024 Nor’easter.

The main activity of the Starter kit section is open play and learning.

If you would like to try starter Kit , Please attend, we will have things set up And ready for you!!

A free copy of Starter Kit #1 will given to all new players who attend!!
Come learn the game and get a free copy!!

A 4 player mini tourney (on Saturday) will be held if enough players choose participate.

Sign up for this mini is NOT required to come to the Nor’easter!

Sign up will be on Saturday of the Nor’easter. Everything will be ready for players to come and participate!

We will also have a players lounge with goodies/freebies for all!!

New England Volunteers will have a sneak peak of some future scenarios!!

Please contact me at
if you have any questions or want to play.

Thanks New England Volunteers