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Nor'easter Main Tournament

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Main Tourney Scans (zip file containing pdfs and jpegs)

To pre-register for the main tournament, simply select that option when you Register. If you want to play in the Friday mini, check that option too - Those scenarios will be used instead of the first two sets here.

Round #1: Friday Mar 22nd, 2019 10:00am-4:00pm
DB135DB135 The KrinkelterwaldDB135 The Krinkelterwald
DB139DB139 A Hard Rains Gona FallDB139 A Hard Rains Gona Fall


  • SSR #4 Official Errata: The original SSR stated: At the start of each Australian Mph and prior to any movement, any Japanese MG may place a FL (A9.22). No initial attack DR is required in this case, however the firing unit, the MG and any Leader directing that MG loses Concealment and a First Fire marker is placed on those units.
    Just to be clear, after hearing back from Murray, best explanation for the SSR is yes to concealment loss and no to sniper activation or malfunction. The only other effect would be Cowering.
FT219FT 219 Koniev's FinestFT 219 Koniev's Finest
FT 219 Koniev's Finest (TIFF version - better quality)


  • the entry zone for the German should read "on/between tW10 and tGG2"
  • the SU-76 and M3A1(a) are OT
  • the PzJg Tiger has wrong MG factors on the counter. Correct values should read : "3/-"
HF3HF3 First TimersHF3 First Timers
Q6Q6 Per L'Onore Di RomaQ6 Per L'Onore Di Roma
Round #2: Friday Mar 22nd, 2019 5:00pm-Till you drop
164164 Torment At Tormua164 Torment At Tormua Page 1
164 Torment At Tormua Page 2
203203 Hard ROK203 Hard ROK
BFP88BFP 88 The Bunkered VillageBFP 88 The Bunkered Village
BFP114BFP 114 Engineering DefeatBFP 114 Engineering Defeat
LFT190LFT 190 The Land Of FireLFT 190 The Land Of Fire
Round #3: Saturday Mar 23rd, 2019 9:00am-4:00pm
HF6HF6 Jackpot JonesHF6 Jackpot Jones
FrF98FrF98 Amerikanskaya SukaFrF98 Amerikanskaya Suka
FT214FT214 - A Grain of SandFT214 - A Grain of Sand
HF7HF7 Gotta Get OutHF7 Gotta Get Out
YASL7YASL 7 Making A Break For ItYASL 7 Making A Break For It
Round #4: Saturday Mar 23rd, 2019 5:00pm-Till you drop
AP121AP121 Along The VistulaAP121 Along The Vistula
BFP84BFP 84 Kreida StationBFP 84 Kreida Station
DB140DB140 Beasts At BaruthDB140 Beasts At Baruth
J178J178 Old FriendsJ178 Old Friends
Wo26WO26 Phoenix RisingWO26 Phoenix Rising
Round #5: Sunday Mar 24th, 2019 9:00am-6:00pm
DB141DB141 Gut PunchDB141 Gut Punch
DTF3DTF 3 True GritDTF 3 True Grit
HF4HF4 Liehr Launches FirstHF4 Liehr Launches First
OS9OS9 Walk The WalkOS9 Walk The Walk
SP249SP249 Non-Stop GurkhasSP249 Non-Stop Gurkhas


  • Clarification for SSR 1: To be considered a Bank Hex side, the Grain needs to appear on and on either side of the hex side in question. IOW, the grain must cross the hex side.

Additional Information

Adjudication for late running games are always possible. For night rounds, players who are both undefeated, or a "spoiler game" where one player is undefeated and the other has only one loss, will have their games adjudicated if running late, unless both players agree to play on. If they opt to play on, it is with the understanding the scenario will need to be done by the start of the next round. If both players do not have undefeated records, the players can agree to play on or not at their discretion. If a decision is made not to play on, then the scenrio will be adjudicated. NOTE IN ALL CASES THE ABOVE PROVISIONS OF 2), ONLY APPLY TO GAMES RUNNING OVER THE TIME LIMIT.

Abbreviations for Scenario Sources

AP = Action Pack
ASLB1= Battles Magazine
ASLOK= ASLOK 20th Pack
ASLUG= ASL Union of Gamers
BC= Break Contact
BoF= Best of Friends
BFP= Bounding Fire Productions
DB= Dispatches from the Bunker
ESG= East Side Gamers
FT= Le Franc-Tireur
FrF= Friendly Fire
G= General Magazine
HOW= Hell on Wheels pack
J= ASL Journal
News= ASL News
MLR= Maple Leaf Rout Pack
MP= Melee Pack
OB= Out of the Bunker
PA= Panzer Aces (Lone Canuck)
RIII= Retro Pack III
RP= Retro Pack
RTP= Rally Point
SP= Schwerpunkt
STL= St. Louis ASL Club