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Nor'easter XIV: Scenarios

Nor'easter 2010, Main Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Friday 10:00am-4:00pm
FrF40Sporck's Eleven
SP180Encircle This!
AP42Frontiers and Pioneers
ESG36Havoc in Shanghai
VOTG19Cellar Dwellers
Round #2: Friday 5:00pm-Closing
VotG14Pavlov's House
CH58Death Ride
FrF42Kiss of Fury
DB067Let's Dance
BTB3Kraut Corner
Round #3: Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm
AP48Up Inferno Hill
ESG48PaK Nest
RPT39Czechs and Balances
BRV9Jail House Rock
J116Brigade Hill
Round #4: Saturday 5:00pm-Closing
AP40The Head of the Mace
VotG16Under Murderous Fire
ESG45Below the Belt
FrF24Forging Spetsnaz
J124Cobra Kings
Round #5: Sunday 9:00am-Closing
VotG9Eviction Notice
J113Maczek's Fire Brigade
BTB6Men Against Tanks
FrF30Bidermann's Escape
SV1Ten Ton Tank

Nor'easter 2010, Friday Partisan Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Friday 12:00-4:00pm
G15 Bone of Contention
FT120 Never Say Navoz
A62 Paole Zion
A6 The Price of Impatience
SP44 Sufferin' Sudfrankreich
Round #2: Friday 5:00pm-Closing
GS1Roadside Assistance
J109Break for Hungry
DB13The Men from Zadig
ASLOK XX #6Reprisal...Patrols...Pursuit

Nor'easter 2010, Saturday Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm
DB001Brasche Encounter
DB025Avril Action
DB054Soldiers of the 62nd Army
DB058Vossenack Church
In DftB 30Demolition Men
Round #2: Saturday 1:00pm-5:00pm
DB012First Clash in Tunisia
DB013Men from Zadig
DB035Hotly Contested Crossroads
DB055Sturmgeschutz Forward
DB067Let's Dance
Round #3: Saturday 6:00pm-10:00pm
DB036First Crack at Hellzapoppin'
DB040Riding the Coattails
DB052 Jungle Rats
in DftB #30MGA Station
in DftB #30Task Force to Cotignac

Nor'easter 2010, Big Mo-Fo Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Friday 1:00pm-
A98Crossing the Gniloi Tikitsch
G33The Awakening of Spring
DB016Clearing Kamienka
Round #2: Saturday 8:00am-
EHill 621
U28Sowchos 79
DB-MAUSThe Mighty Maus
  • Map layout, overlay 6 is placed on Board 10
  • German OOB: the JgPz III/IV should be a PzJg III/IV
  • Russian OOB: the JS-III should be an IS-III and the JS-IIM should be an IS-IIM