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Nor’Easter XIV Official Results

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Main Tourney:Al Loiselle
Partisan Mini:Paul Chamberland
Big Mo-Fo:Brian Wiersma
Saturday DftB Mini:John Wordan IV

43 players tossed dice this weekend at NorEaster, New England's Annual ASL Tournament. Thanks to all who came to spend a record warm spring weekend with us in Boxboro Mass!

Al Loiselle, from the Bunker, won his second NorEaster crown, finishing 5-0 with a win in the final game of SV1 Ten Ton Tank.

Al won a beautiful diorama made by Steve Johns and a copy of the recently published Doomed Battalions, courtesy of MMP.

Paul Chamberland of New York finished in 2nd place, losing only that final game to Al. Paul had the best tie-breakers amongst the four 4-1 players. Paul won a copy of the WO Bonus Pack, donated by MMP.

Some nameless schmuck finished 3rd. He won a copy of Journal 8, also donated by MMP.

Brian Wiersma of New York won the weekend-long MoFo mini tournament, featuring large day-long scenarios. Brian defeated Kedge Johnson in the MoFo finals. Brian won a Dispatches of the Bunker prize, courtesy of Vic Provost.

Paul Chamberland got his head start towards 2nd place by winning the two round Friday Mini, featuring scenarios with a partisan theme. Paul defeated Brian "Dr Death" Sullivan in the Friday Mini finals. Joe Gochinski provided a pool of prizes for all Friday Mini entrants.

John Wordan IV won the Saturday Mini, featuring Dispatches from the Bunker scenarios. John defeated Jim Torkelson in the Saturday Mini finals. John won a "mini" diorama, built by Ralph MacDonald and Lego.

John Wordan V, almost 9 years old, won Rookie of the Year, playing a solid 3 games on Saturday, including a PTO scenario victory.

John won a copy of Journal 8, donated by MMP.

Nor'easter XIV Results


5 wins


1   Alan Loiselle


4 wins


2   Paul Chamberland

3   Mike Allexenberg

4   Ralph McDonald

5   Carl Nogueira

6   Brian Wiersma


3 wins


7   Bob Bendis/Charlie Willmer (tie)

9   Steve Johns

10  Ted Wilcox

11  Norm Delaura

12  Steve Anderson

13  Jim Povey

14  John Worden IV


2 wins


Joe Gochinski, Charlie Hamilton, Keith Hill, Kedge Johnson, Buck Karpowitz, Dave Krishfield, Joe Leoce, Mike O’Brien, Lou Serio, Mike Sprague, Brian Sullivan, Bob Tufano.


1 win


Scott Allan, Tim Kelly, Randy Knight, John Knuth, Tom Morin, Mike Pierzchala, Vic Provost, Mike Sammarco, Jim Torkelson, John Worden V.


0 wins


Mark Evans, Russel Hopley, David Randall, Whit Richardson, Rob Shuster, Barry Smith, Will Willow.




***** 5 wins *****


Alan Loiselle was the last undefeated player and was crowned Champion.


***** 4 wins *****


5 players had 4 wins:  Allexenberg, Chamberland, McDonald, Nogueira, and Wiersma.


Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:

Chamberland beat Allexenberg.

So we have these partial rankings:





Tie-breaker 2, wins of players beaten:
(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)





So we have these partial rankings of 4 win players:


Tie-breaker 3, common opponents:

Nogueira and Wiersma beat Tufano, no help.

So we have these partial rankings of 4 win players:


Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents lost to:

Nogueira 5, Wiersma 0

So we have these final rankings of 4 win players:


***** 3 wins *****


8 players had 3 wins:  Anderson, Bendis, Delaura, Johns, Povey, Wilcox, Willmer, Worden IV.


Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:

Bendis defeated Anderson

Bendis defeated Delaura

Willmer defeated Johns

Johns defeated Wilcox

So we have these partial rankings:




Worden IV


Tie-breaker 2, wins of players beaten:
(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)




Worden IV(1)


So we have these partial rankings:

Bendis(7)-> Delaura(6)->Anderson(4)->Povey(2)->Worden IV(1)

Willmer(7)->Johns(7)->Wilcox(7)->Povey(2)->Worden IV(1)


Tie-breaker 3, common opponents:

Allexenberg defeated Bendis and Willmer, no help.

Bendis and Johns/Wilcox had no common opponents, so no help.

So we have these partial rankings:

Bendis(7)-> Delaura->Anderson->Povey->Worden IV

Willmer(7)->Johns(7)->Wilcox(7)->Povey->Worden IV


Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents lost to:

Bendis 8, Willmer 8, Johns 7, Wilcox 7

So we have these final rankings of 3 win players:
Bendis/Willmer(tie)->Johns->Wilcox-> Delaura->Anderson->Povey->Worden IV


The Fight to the Finish


On Saturday morning, we had a nice even 8 players at 2-0:  Mike Allexenberg, Alan Loiselle, Carl Nogueira, Charlie Willmer, Ted Wilcox, Bob Tufano, Bob Bendis, and Friday Partisan Mini Champ Paul Chamberland.  Allexenberg defeated Willmer in J116 Brigade Hill.  The other 3 quarterfinal matches all played ESG48 Pak Nest.  Chamberland defeated Wilcox.  Loiselle defeated Tufano.  And Nogueira defeated Bendis.


Saturday afternoon/evening saw Loiselle’s Germans defeat Nogueira’s Americans in J124 Cobra Kings.  Chamberland’s British held off Allexenberg’s Germans in AP40 Head of the Mace, in a fantastic see-saw game that went well after midnight.


Sunday’s Final saw Loiselle’s Swedes defeat Chamberland’s Russians in SV1 Ten Ton Tank.  This was Al’s second NorEaster title.




The Friday Mini Tourney featured partisan scenarios.   Sponsored by Joe Gochinski, who provided prizes for all players in the Mini, the Friday Mini Tourney is a two round mini, with results counting towards the Main Tourney.  Paul Chamberland bested the field of four by beating John Worden IV and Brian Sullivan.


The Saturday Mini, featuring scenarios from Dispatches from the Bunker, had only 4 participants and two rounds.  The first round saw Jim Torkelson defeat Will Willow and John Worden IV defeat Rob Shuster.  The finals saw Worden’s Poles defeat Torkelson’s Slovaks in DB040 Riding the Coattails to claim the Saturday Mini Tourney plaque.


The Mo-Fo Mini had 4 participants, Brian Wiersma, Kedge Johnson, Vic Provost, and Mark Evans.  In the first round, Wiersma’s Germans defeated Evans’ Russians in A98 Crossing the Gniloi Tikitsch.  Johnson’s Germans defeated Provost’s Russians in the same scenario.  For the MoFo Finals, Wiersma’s Russians defeated Johnson’s Germans in U28 Sowchos 79 to claim the NorEaster MoFo Mini Tourney plaque.


Scenarios Played (83)


Scenario                                                          Results

FrF40 Sporck’s Eleven                                   Russian 0, German 3

SP180 Encircle This!                                       Russian 2, German 1

AP42 Frontiers and Pioneers                          German 1, Russian 0

ESG36 Havoc in Shanghai                             IJA 5, Chinese 0

VotG19 Cellar Dwellers                                 German 1, Russian 0


VotG14 Pavlov’s House                                 German 1, Russian 0

CH58 Death Ride                                           Russian 0, German 1

FrF42 Kiss of Fury                                         Russian 2, German 2

DB067 Let’s Dance                                        British 4, German 1

BTB3 Kraut Corner                                        German 0, American 2


AP48 Up Inferno Hill                                     German 0, Russian 2

ESG48 PaK Nest                                            French 1, German 2

BRV9 Jail House Rock                                   German 1, Russian 1

J116 Brigade Hill                                            British 4, IJA 0


AP40 The Head of the Mace                          British 1, German 2

VotG16 Under Murderous Fire                      Russian 1, German 0

ESG45 Below the Belt                                   Belgian 2, German 0

FrF24 Forging Spetsnaz                                  IJA 1, Russian 0

J124 Cobra Kings                                           German 1, American 1


VotG9 Eviction Notice                                   Russian 0, German 1

J113 Maczek Fire Brigade                              Polish 1, German 2

BTB6 Men Against Tanks                              German 0, American 2

FrF30 Bidermann’s Escape                             German 4, Russian 1

SV1 Ten Ton Tank                                          Russian 0, Swedish 1


A62 Paole Zion                                               German/Axis Minor 1, Partisan 0

SP44 Sufferin’ Sudfrankreich                                    German 0, Partisan 1

GS1 Roadside Assistance                               Partisan 0, German 1

DB013 Men from Zadig                                 Partisan 1, German 0


DB025 Avril Action                                       American 0, German 2

DB040 Riding the Coattails                           Polish 1, Slovak 0


A98 Crossing the Gniloi Tikitsch                   Russian 0, German 2

U28 Sowchos 79                                             German 1, Russian 1


S15 Hammer to the Teeth                               American 1, German 0


Buck10 Buckeye Blitzkrieg                            American 0, IJA 1

DB001 Brasche Encounter                             German 0, French 1

DB013 The Men From Zadig                         Partisan 0, German 1

DB036 First Crack at Hellzapoppin' Ridge    IJA 1, American 0

DB055 Sturmgeschutz Forward!                    Russian 0, German 1

DB058 Vossenack Church                             American 0, German 1

DB078 Demolition Men                                 Partisan 1, German 1

SP140 Red Valentines                                                German 0, Russian 0, 1 game where both sides claim to be Russian

T1 Gavin Take                                                American 1, German 0

J122 Bloody Bois Jacques                              American 0, German 1

G15 Bone of Contention                                Partisan 1, German 0

SP173 Der letzte Geburtstag                          Russian 0, German 1


Round by Round Results


Round 1


SP180 Allan (Germ) def Pierzchala (Russ)

ESG36 Anderson (IJA) def Karpowitz (Chinese)

SP180 Allexenberg (Russ) def O’Brien (Germ)

SP180 Bendis (Russ) def Knight (Germ)

ESG36 Loiselle (IJA) def Delaura (Chinese)

VotG19 Krishfield (Germ) def Gochinski (Russ)

ESG36 Johns (IJA) def Serio (Chinese)

ESG36 Willmer (IJA) def Leoce (Chinese)

AP42 Wilcox (Germ) def McDonald (Russ)

FrF40 Povey (Germ) def Morin (Russ)

ESG36 Nogueira (IJA) def Willow (Chinese)

FrF40 Sprague (Germ) def Shuster (Russ)

FrF40 Tufano (Germ) def Smith (Russ)


Round 2


FrF42 Wilcox (Germ) def Allan (Russ)

DB67 Bendis (Brit) def Anderson (Germ)

DB67 Allexenberg (Brit) def Povey (Germ)

DB67 Delaura (Germ) def Leoce (Brit)

DB67 Nogueira (Brit) def Hill (Germ)

FrF42 Hill (Russ) def Pierzchala (Germ) (played in Round 4)

BtB3 Willmer (Ami) def Johns (Germ)

CH58 Karpowitz (Germ) def O’Brien (Russ)

VotG14 Knight (Germ) def Morin (Russ)

BtB3 Loiselle (Ami) def Krishfield (Germ)

FrF42 McDonald (Russ) def Shuster (Germ)

DB67 Serio (Brit) def Pierzchala (Germ)

FrF42 Tufano (Germ) def Sprague (Russ)


Round 3


BRV9 Anderson (Germ) def Smith (Russ) (Smith’s 2nd game)

J116 Allexenberg (Brit) def Willmer (IJA)

ESG48 Nogueira (French) def Bendis (Germ)

ESG48 Chamberland (Germ) def Wilcox (French)

AP48 Delaura (Russ) def Krishfield (Germ)

J116 Sprague (Brit) def Hill (IJA)

J116 Johns (Brit) def Karpowitz (IJA)

ESG48 Loiselle (Germ) def Tufano (French)

J116 McDonald (Brit) def Povey (IJA)

BRV9 Pierzchala (Russ) def O’Brien (Germ)

AP48 Serio (Russ) def Sullivan (Germ)


Round 4


ESG45 McDonald (Belgian) def Anderson (Germ)

AP40 Chamberland (Brit) def Allexenberg (Germ)

J124 Bendis (Ami) def Delaura (Germ)

FrF24 Leoce (IJA) def Hopley (Russ) (Hopley’s 1st game)

VotG16 Johnson (Russ) def Karpowitz (Germ) (Johnson’s 3rd game)

J124 Loiselle (Germ) def Nogueira (Ami)

AP40 Povey (Germ) def Randall (Brit) (Randall’s 1st game)

ESG45 Willmer (Belgian) def Sprague (Germ)

AP40 Wiersma (Germ) def Tufano (Brit) (Wiersma’s 3rd game)


Round 5


BtB6 Anderson (Ami) def Hill (Germ)

J113 Allexenberg (Pole) def Bendis (Germ)

SV1 Loiselle (Swede) def Chamberland (Russ)

J113 Delaura (Germ) def Johnson (Pole) (Johnson’s 4th game)

FrF30 Hamilton (Germ) def Richardson (Russ) (Hamilton’s 4th game)

FrF30 Karpowitz (Russ) def Pierzchala (Germ)

FrF30 Krishfield (Germ) def Willow (Russ) (Krishfield’s 4th game)

FrF30 Morin (Germ) def Leoce (Russ) (Morin’s 3rd game)

J113 Nogueira (Germ) def Tufano (Pole)

VotG9 Povey (Germ) def Torkelson (Russ) (Torkelson’s 3rd game)

FrF30 Wilcox (Germ) def Sprague (Russ)

BtB6 Wiersma (Ami) def Willmer (Germ) (Wiersma’s 4th game)


Fri Mini


A62 Chamberland (Germ/AxMinor) def WordenIV (Part)

SP44 Sullivan (Part) def Richardson (Germ)


DB013 Chamberland (Part) def Sullivan (Germ)

GS1 WordenIV (Germ) def Richardson (Part)


Sat Mini


DB025 WordenIV (Germ) def Shuster (Ami)

DB025 Torkelson (Germ) def Willow (Ami)


DB040 WordenIV (Pole) def Torkelson (Slovak)


MoFo Mini


A98 Wiersma (Germ) def Evans (Russ)

A98 Johnson (Germ) def Provost (Russ)


U28 Provost (Germ) def Evans (Russ)

U28 Wiersma (Russ) def Johnson (Germ)


ASL Starter Kit


S15 Sammarco (Ami) def Knuth (Germ) (Sammarco’s 1st game, Knuth’s 3rd game)




Buck10 Leoce (IJA) def Allan (Ami) (played in Round 3)

DB001 Gochinski (French) def Richardson (Germ) (Gochinski’s 2nd game, Richardson’s 3rd game)

DB013 Gochinski (Germ) def WordenV (Part) (Gochinski’s 3rd game, WordenV’s 1st game)

SP140 Sullivan (Germ?) def Hamilton (Russ?) (both sides claim to be Russ) (Sullivan’s 3rd game, Hamilton’s 1st game)

DB058 Hamilton (Germ) def WordenV (Ami) (both player’s 2nd game)

DB036 WordenV (IJA) def Hamilton (Ami) (both player’s 3rd game)

T1 Hill (Ami) def Knuth (Germ) (played in Round 1)

J122 Johns (Germ) def Wilcox (Ami) (played in Round 4)

DB078 McDonald (Germ) def Johns (Part) (played in Round 5)

DB055 Kelly (Germ) def Willow (Russ) (Kelly’s 1st game, Willow’s 4th game)

G15 Knuth (Part) def Willow (Germ) (played in Round 2)

DB078 O’Brien (Part) def Richardson (Germ) (played in Round 4)

SP173 O’Brien (Germ) def Sullivan (Russ) (played in Round 5)

NorEaster wouldn't be a 14 year long success story without help from a lot of hands. Thanks to Carl Nogueira for organizing the hotel arragements, producing a scenario list, and acting as Minister of Propaganda; Charlie Hamilton, for keeping things running smoothly as Tournament Director, and for bringing the tourney into the late 20th century by computerizing all results; Vic Provost, Joe Gochinski, and Ralph McDonald, mini-tourney directors; Steve Johns for all his hard work on an awesome diorama; MMP, Joe Gochinski, Vic Provost, and Ralph MacDonald for providing prizes; to the many who donated prizes to the raffle: Joe Gochinski, Ralph MacDonald, Tom Morin, John Richards, Vic Provost (and please forgive me if I have forgotten any donors - I'm working on about 7 hours of sleep for the whole weekend); to Joe one last time for the spread of snack foods that he brought; and to my wife Abbe and Mrs Wordan for providing home-made brownies ("the best bleeping brownies I've ever had in my life" - G.Trezza) and cookies.