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Nor'easter VIII: Scenarios

Nor'easter 2004, Main Tournament Scenarios

Round One, Friday PM
[77]Le hÚrisson (The Hedgehog)
[DBP1]Bruno's Flak Attack
  • There should be ten PAVN 448s.
[DB018]Special Delivery
[PBP7]Piece of Cake
  • Delete "(Draw: Control of 7-10 hexes)" from the VC for PBP7 Piece of Cake. If the Russian player does not control at least 11 hexes in buildings 20H3 and/or 20D8 at game end, the German player wins.
  • The Russian OB should have 1x 9-1 SMC and 3x LMG (not vice-versa).
[DB038]Centauro on a Flank
[J85]Pitchin' In
  • In the VC, "40I1, 40I2, 40I3, and/or 40I4." should read: "40I1/40I2/40I3/40I4.
[J87]Flames of Unrest
Round Two, Friday EVE
Americans & British
[J43]3rd RTR in the Rain
[DB005]The Marketplace at Wormhoudt
  • Now that the long-awaited Allied Minor Module Doomed Battalions has been released we finally have the 'proper' counters the scenario. Substitute the early-war SS for the elite 4 6 8 rifle troops. [DftB5]
[DB025]Avril Action
[SP62]ils ne passeront pas
[SP103]For Whom the Bells Toll
[J88]Escape to Wiltz
[HS26]Got Milk?
Round Three, Saturday AM
[PB5]Taylor Made Defense
  • For purposes of PB SSR 14, the forces in the British OB that belong to No. 1 Platoon, Company D, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry consist of a 6 4 8, the 4 5 8, the 2 4 8, and the 8 1.
[ABTF4]First Threat
[J58]No. 8 Platoon Overrun
  • SSR2 states the gun can't setup HIP, but may setup concealed. (Both sides start on board, and there are 8 concealment counters in the OB.) Does this mean: 1. The gun gets "free" concealment, leaving the 8 concealment counters for use elsewhere, or 2. The gun may be concealed, but doing so at setup will use one of the OB-given concealment counters. A. #1. [Letter280]
[BRV1]Tactical Doctrine
  • Reverse the nationality symbols in the Turn Record Chart (the Russians still set up first, and the Germans still move first).
[BdF6]The Gingerbread Men
[ABTF5]Tigers to the Bridge!
Round Four, Saturday PM
[J69]The Army at the Edge of the World
[DB036]First Crack at Hellzapoppin' Ridge
[SP95]Burn Gurkha Burn!
[CH97]Final Crisis at Blackpool
  • The airborne mortar for British/Commonwealth reinforcement group must be changed to a standard British light mortar... the airborne version was never used in the PTO.
  • The balance provisions will/should be changed to this: For British balance, increase the FP necessary for victory to > 5FP. For Japanese, the balance should be reduced to > 3FP.
  • The pond (waterhole) at 39S10 is flooded.
  • In the Japanese balance provisions a HMG is added, but without the necessary 2-2-8 to man it. Add the 2-2-8.
  • Change the 2 447's in the reinforcement group with the 9-2 to 2 338's.
  • Remove the SSR that states that 447's have Gurkha capabilities.
  • Add an SSR that states that the 9-2, the 648's and their resulting half squads, and 338's have Gurkha capabilities. ( No other units do )
[A103]Mayhem in Manila
[J76]Ultimate Treachery
[SP50]Paco Station
Round Five, Saturday EVE
[A68]Acts of Defiance (CH5 repub.)
[J1]Urban Guerillas
  • SSR5 should read: "Partisan units have PF capability as if they were German, and Captured Use Penalties (A21.12) apply; only a maximum of 3 PF may be fired by Partisans during the scenario.".
[CH30]Kravchenko's 6th Guards Tank Army
[SP74]The Last Tiger
[WCW7]Eye of the Tiger
[DB035]A Hotly Contested Crossroads
[SP101]Jura Juggernaut
Round Six, Sunday AM
[CH49]High Danger
[DB012]First Clash in Tunisia
  • The German Balance should refer to SSR5, not SSR4.
[DB024]No Respite
[DB037]Night Assault at Vodoty´
[AD11]Sicilian Midnight
[CH40]Nordic Twilight

Nor'easter 2004, Saturday Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round 1
[SP6]Udarnik Bridgehead
  • Delete "at game end" from the Russian setup instructions. {Corrected in later printings.}
[T2]Puma Prowls
[J82]Pavlov's House
[DB35]PaKing a Punch
[G35/FKAC 105]Going to Church
Round 2
[CH34]The Lighthouse
[T1]Gavin Take
[OA4]Hell on Wheels
[SP29]Schloss Bubingen
[DB13]Men from Zadig
  • The German Rz35R(f) tanks use red To Hit #s andhave Radios.
Round 3
[OA16]Surrender or Die
[A32]Zon with the Wind
[DB??]Riding the Coattails
This is Steve Johns' new scenario, to be published in Dispatches #18. It Requires Board 42, Axis Minors, and Allied Minors.
[J77]Moses Blazes
  • The Germans on board 23 get 6 "?".
[AP4]L'Abbaye Blanche