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Nor'easter II: Results


Main Tournament, 1st placeAllen Loiselle
Main Tournament, 2nd placeRandy Knight

Details (by Vic Provost)

The following is Vic Provost's "official" results release for the goings-on at Nor'Easter '97:

Greetings from the 'BUNKER' . Hello Bob, I'm a little groggy while doing this but here goes: The winner is (Drum roll please ) - Allen Loiselle! Absolutely no surprise to all the usual suspects here at the 'BUNKER' who are beaten regularly by this skilled and dedicated player. Allen and Randy Knight had quite the tug of war going for a while in A83 THE LAST OF THEIR STRENGTH, but Allen's Japanese eventually won through. Randy still managed to cleaned up, as he earned both the 2nd place and the Best in AREA 1500 and below. Great job by both players throughout the tournament. Here are the final standings and awards:

Prize Winner Award
1st Place Allen Loiselle $30.00 gift certificate from Avalon Hill
2nd Place Randy Knight $20.00 gift certificate from Avalon Hill
Best in Class,
AREA 1500 and below
Randy Knight Schewerpunkt #1
Lightfoot Award
(fastest total play time)
Mike Allexenberg Braraque De Fraiture
Commando Award
(CVP earned in CC)
Vic Provost $10.00 gift certificate from Avalon Hill
ROF Award
(longest sustained ROF)
Jim Torkelson Baraque de Fraiture
Just Plain (un)Lucky Award
(best/worst total number of snakes/boxcars)
Scott Romanowski Schwerpunkt #1

THANKS A MILLION to Evan Sherry, Front Line Productions, and AH for their generous prize contributions which saved the day. Thanks also for the Yoeman job of organization done by Carl Noguiera. And last but not least the MVP of this tourney in my oppion is Scott Romanowski for all his work in obtaining the AREA ratings ( however up to date they realy are ), compiling that load of Q & As and Errata and generously sharing it with the field and the ASL community in general, and of course in setting up the pairings as his previous experience with Russ Gifford at DONCON made the going very smooth throughout. What a great job by an absolutely great guy.

Sincerely Yours, Vic

Vic Provost (aslbunker@aol.com)
--ed. note: Thank you too, Vic, for a great job of organization. Selecting the scenarios, mtatching players, etc. The tourney would'nt have gone as well without you.